You can set your out of office message both on and off campus using Outlook (on campus) and OWA both off and on campus

There are 2 types of out off office message - which can be set the same or differently

After logging into your OWA you click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner, then 'Options' from the drop down list

Then select 'Mail' from the left hand side menu, then click on 'Automatic Replies' from the sub menu

You then select the button 'Send automatic replies' and fill out the sections indicated

Remember the top box only applies to internal email senders (from within the college) and the bottom box is for all other email senders

Once you have finished click on 'Save' in the bottom right hand corner

Remember to turn off your out of office replies when you return - especially if you have not set an end time

 If using Outlook, click on File from the menu then click on the 'Automatic Replies' button and simple set your desired message(s) and dates

If you also want to forward incoming emails to another user/mailbox within the college, click on the 'Rules' button in the bottom left hand corner

Then click on 'Add Rule ...'


Then tick the 'Forward' box and click on 'To...' to pick the user/mailbox from the global address list

You can further define the rule by using the options in the top half of the edit rule box (shown above)

Please test/check rules to ensure that they work as expected

To setup forwarding with using the out of office (OOO) assistant please see here