Certain key members of staff are able to accept the submission of large files directly using the ShareFile 'File Drop' link


This service is currently limited to only certain members of staff that are listed in the drop list of step 2 below

If the person you are wanting to send the files to is not listed, please use the FTP link on the portal page https://portal.bruford.ac.uk 

Step 1

Click on the link https://bruford.sharefile.com/filedrop

Then enter your (the senders) email address, first name, surname and company (if applicable), please note that the first 3 are compulsory, as shown below

Then click on 'Continue to File Drop'

Step 2

Select the recipient from the 'Send to' drop down list, as shown below

Step 3

Drop the files into the highlighted area or click on 'Choose files' to browse, as shown below

Then click on 'Upload Files'

The recipient selected in step 2 will then receive a notification email as follows: