College facilities for printing and copying

The college users Toshiba multifunction copier/printers/scanners and there are 14 devices around the college campus that all staff and students can use

There are two types of printer/copiers;

Both types do A4/A3, duplex and colour and black & white

Each printer/copier is labelled as follows; the first 5 digits represent the model type T3540 or T2540 and the last 4 digits represent the location code (see below)

Example: T3540_C107 is the copier/printer located in the IT room C107

How to decode/locate room numbers here (including a campus map)

The ones in common areas are as follows (with OPEN ACCESS)

  1. C103 - the library
  2. C107 - the IT open access room
  3. C021 - in the corridor of theatre design
  4. S006 - in the corridor of stage management
  5. L004 - on the ground floor of Lamorbey House outside the SU office
  6. L117 - on the first floor of Lamorbey House
  7. L224 - on the second floor of Lamorbey House
  8. W003 - on the ground floor of the Student Services building

Others that are not located in common areas are (with RESTRICTED ACCESS)

  1. A001 - Annex
  2. L110 - HR
  3. L113 - Finance
  4. L119 - Admissions
  5. S012 - Reception
  6. W116 - Student Services

Here is a campus map show the locations - click on an printer to see details of its exact location (as of 2013/14)



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