These instructions explain how to connect a iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the eduroam wireless network

Step-by-step guide

If you have used eduroam in the past, first refer to this FAQ to remove any existing settings profiles.

The next step is to load a settings profile on to your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad. When the profile loads, you should choose Install, enter your RBC username with added on to the end e.g., and then enter your password.

If you are asked for a four digit number, this is your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad‘s PIN number – it will be whatever you set it to.

Click here to load the wireless settings profile

If connecting manually you will be prompted to accept our Eduroam certificate -

When you click on the Accept button, enter your details when prompted

Then you may be prompted for your device PIN (if you have set one)

And you should then see confirmation of the profile and certificate install

If you do not see the certificate details as shown above - do not accept the installation

These instructions will only work if you have a RBC username If you are from a different Eduroam organisation, you will need to refer to your home organisation for the correct instructions - click here for more information

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