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Some devices try to be helpful in remembering the wireless networks and settings you connect to, to help you connect easily the next time

Whilst this can be helpful at home, it might cause problems when connecting to the colleges RBC-INTERNET wireless service, and most problems connecting to this service are related to such device functionality

If you are not prompted to login automatically after connecting your wireless device to RBC-INTERNET just open the web browser on your device

If this does not show the login page but an 'page cannot be found' message:

  • please check that you are still connected to the RBC-INTERNET service
  • and that in the properties of this connection you have been assigned an IP address that starts 172.16.x.x

If you are still having problems:

  • clear your web browser cache/history or run it in privacy (InPrivate) mode
  • and try to connect again

If none of the above work:

  • if you have previously saved the RBC-INTERNET connection in your wireless settings or it is set to auto remember or auto-connect, please delete this profile in your wireless settings
  • then turn off your wireless interface and then back on again (or reboot your device) and start again

If you are still having trouble or you do not know how to locate and apply any of the above suggestions, please bring your device to the colleges IT helpdesk