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The college has introduced a secure smart connect service for staff and students to use their own devices (BYOD) for on campus wireless access

This service differs from RBC-INTERNET in that once a device is provisioned (setup) it will automatically connect for, up to 90 days, to RBC-TLS when the device is on campus

To enable this a number of college secure certificates are installed along with the addition of the new wireless connection (SSID) called RBC-TLS

Currently this service supports the following types of devices:

  • iOS devices - iPhone and iPad
  • OSX devices
  • Windows devices - laptops and tablets (Windows 7 and upwards only) and phones

There is currently no support for Android (phone and tablet) or Linux devices and we recommend users continue to use RBC-INTERNET until these devices are supported

As part of the process you will need to download and run a 'smart provisioning' application, show after logging into RBC-Provisioning, that will install a number of secure certificates as well as reconfigure your wireless settings to enable you to automatically connect to RBC-TLS

This service is ONLY for your own personal devices, if you are using a device that does not belong to you please use RBC-INTERNET

Once you have completed the provisioning process you can then connect to RBC-TLS - which should happen automatically, until the certificate expires - for the next 90 days

Below are links to the various device examples showing screen shots of this process:

If the smart application does not install properly then you will not be able to connect to use this service and when the 90 days have expired you will be denied access until you repeat the provisioning process again 

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