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I am leaving the college – what will happen with my IT account (including my O365 data and email address)?

When you notify the college you are leaving you will soon afterwards receive an email from the IT helpdesk to advise you when your IT account will expire.

Academic staff (Lecturers, Research Associates, etc.)

Academic staff will normally retain access to the college network including email for up to one month after their employment has ended.  Your Head of School/Vice Principal can request that your IT account be extended for up to a maximum of 90 days after your contract end date by emailing

Please note:  IT access can be withdrawn sooner at the request of the Head of School/Vice Principal. 

Non-academic staff (Administrative Staff, Support Staff, etc.)

Your account will normally expire at the end of the last day of employment, unless your line manager has authorized an alternative expiry date.  Your line manager can request that your IT account be extended for up to a maximum of 90 days after your contract end date by emailing

Temporary Agency Staff

Your Head of School/line manager can request that your IT account be extended by emailing the IT helpdesk.

Retired Staff/Emeritus Staff

Staff who are retiring from the college cannot have college IT access

Emeritus staff must be registered in the college HR system to continue their access to college IT.

Your Head of School/Vice Principal can request Emeritus status by contacting you the HR team

FEE based Staff

IT access will be terminated at the end of the last day of your contract. 

This can only be extended if a new contract is issued by your sponsor before the existing account expires. 

We are not permitted to extend IT accounts for FEE based staff

Before the expiry date, detailed in the email from the IT helpdesk, you should ensure that you:

  • Set up an out of office message in your email account as soon as possible, advising that you will no longer be working at the college

We recommend the following wording for an appropriate out of office message:

I am leaving the college on [advise date] and this email address will terminate soon after this date.  Please re-send business emails to [alternative email address] or contact [staff name] on [suggested telephone number].

Your out of office message will no longer operate once your account is expired

  • Ensure you communicate your alternative address to your contacts. Remember to include any personal online accounts (banking, paypal etc.) where you have used your college email address for identification.
  • Save any personal emails/attachments from your email account and any personal files from your OneDrive (Home folder) that you wish to retain.  Ensure you move all business information/files to a shared area.

NOTE: When transferring data out of your college account into personal accounts you must ensure that any confidential or restricted college data is NOT included

  • Arrange an alternative address - many internet services offer free email accounts.

When your account expires:

  • Your account (including email) will be inaccessible.
  • We are not able to add a forwarding email address to your account.
  • Your IT account (including email and O365 shared areas) will be removed from our systems completely approximately two months after the account has expired.  We will be unable to restore your account after this period.

If you have received an email advising your account will expire and you are not leaving the college, contact the Human Resources or your sponsor

If you have already contacted your Human Resources Team and you have a new contract in place, please inform the IT helpdesk.


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