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The college provides free wireless connectivity for all staff and students to use their own devices to connect to the internet - known as BYOD

Step-by-step guide

 To connect to this service on your device (which requires no special configuration):

  • Connect to the wireless service (SSID) called RBC-INTERNET
  • Open your web browser and you will be presented with an shortened AUP page (captive portal) - or this may happen automatically depending on your device, and it will look slightly different depending on your type of device - phone, tablet or computer


  • Read and scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the ACCEPT button - full AUP details can be viewed by clicking on the link on the page or here


  • Enter your college SSO UPN username (with the and password (the same one you use to login to college computers) in the boxes and then click on the LOGIN button


  • If you enter valid details you will see a successful login confirmation


After successful login make sure you click the 'DONE' button (if shown) in the top right hand corner or the 'Continue here link'  (not the LOGOUT button)

If you click on the logout you will be prompted to login again when you try to access the internet

 If you login is unsuccessful, you may see a retry page with details of possible causes

  • The most common is (b) so just click on the 'Disconnect' button when prompted and wait for the welcome back message to be displayed (this can take a few seconds)

  • If this is successful, you will see a confirmation page

  • And you will be reconnected to the wireless network again

Limitations of this service

  • Each login session will last for 360 minutes, upon which time if you are still accessing the internet you will be prompted to re-login again (you will be shown the remaining time available upon successful authentication) 
  • There is no limit to the amount of times you can re-login during a day
  • Students can only connect one device at a time - concurrently, (staff can connect two devices at a time). If you need to connect using different devices you will be prompted to disconnect the existing session first.  There is no limit on the number of times you can switch devices
  • You will be limited to web protocols only - http/https
  • this service uses content filtering and inspection to prevent malicious attacks, illegal activity and safe and appropriate web browsing

Things to remember

  • please avoid the temptation to save your username/password within your web browser as this may cause you problems when your password expires
  • This service will not notify you that your password has expired, you will be just be denied access, so you will need to manage your password using PRS or a college computer


Having problems - please check here or our FAQ section