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  • What is Inspiration 9.0?


  • Visual learning software
  • Allows visualisation of  ideas, concepts and relationships using graphics and symbols
  • Improves writing proficiency
  • Assists in the planning and organisation of projects, revision and dissertations


 Visual Learning



  • A method where ideas, concepts, and data are associated with images. Examples include the following :





Idea and Concept Maps



Getting Started with Inspiration 9.0



  • Select Create Diagram or Select Outline
  • Alternatively, to open an existing project, Open File




Creating a New Diagram


  •  Select 'Create a Diagram' icon


  • The 'Main Idea' symbol will appear type in here the main idea or title for the project / diagram 



Building a New diagram 



  • The symbols dialogue box appears at the top left of the screen.
  • To view the range of symbols select the green arrow, next to the basic tab.
  • Symbols can be dragged and dropped from the symbols palette.



Working in Diagram View


  •  Pointing and typing anywhere on the workspace is a quick way to add an unlinked idea / symbol
  •  When you type, a new symbol is automatically created
  •  Use the 'Create' tool to add a linked idea / symbol



  • When a symbol is selected, the 'Link' tool can be used to connect it to another linked idea or symbol.
  • When two ideas or symbols are linked, a text box appears to enable labelling


Switching to Outline View


  • Select the 'Outline' icon at the top left of the screen, to view your diagram in text format



  • To add a new Topic, select the Topic icon
  • To add a note to the topic, select the 'Note' icon
  • To revert back to Diagram view, simply select the Diagram icon at the top of the screen:

Where can I find it?


  • The two PCs in C107 (The IT Room), adjacent to the Copier / Printer  (W4D1001C, W4D10021)
  •  Both PCs in the LRC main area  (W4D7003A, W4D7002D)

 Can I download it at home?

  • Select the following link for a free 30 day trial :


Further Resources