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Whilst the college email system removes the majority of SPAM/Junk email, there may be occasions when you suspect an email you receive in your inbox of being unsafe

The general advice of what to check/do if you suspect an email :

  • NEVER click on any link contained in the email or open ANY attachments - NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING THEY MAYBE
  • Ask yourself if you recognise the senders name- are you expecting this email or is it totally out of the blue?
  • Check the senders email by clicking reply (BUT DO NOT SEND) - does it match what you know it should be?


  • And if you are still unsure, start a new email (NOT A REPLY) to the person you think sent you the email using the email address you already have (NOT THE ONE IN THE SUSPECTED EMAIL) asking for them to confirm the validity

If you suspect the email is SPAM/Junk just delete from your Inbox