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All the Sharp copier/printers on campus can be used for scanning documents by staff and students

To scan a document, touch your ID card and enter your PIN when prompted on the touch screen

Now select the SCAN button on the screen

Then press the 'Scan to college email' button on the touch screen (the college only currently supports scan to email)

The next screen that is displayed will automatically have your email address in the To box,

Place your originals in the feeder on the top and if your originals are just single side - press 'Start'

If you want to change any settings, press the settings button

so you just need to decided what settings you want the scanned document to be

San Output:

  • File Type - PDF/JPEG/TIFF this is the file format you will be emailed
  • DPI - 100/200/300/400 this is the resolution (the higher the value the larger the emailed file will be) 200 is normal print quality
  • Color Mode - Color/Greyscale/B&W


  • Duplex Mode - single sided or double side original
  • Orientation - Portrait or Landscape original
  • Paper size - A3/A4/A5 original

Then click on the Start button on the touch screen

Once finished click on the 'log out' or click on 'Scan' to scan another document


The college email size limit is 4MB per email so your scanned document/file must not exceed this limit per scan - if they exceed this size you will not receive anything in your inbox

By using full colour and increasing the dpi value above 200 will drastically increase the file size of the scan attachment - use black and white if possible

If you need to scan in full colour or need to scan a large multipage document, we recommend you break it down in smaller scan jobs and then reassemble on your computer