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As part of your IT pack given to you at the start of your studies at RBC, the following details you need to remember

  • You must use/change your initial password on a college computer before it can be used for wireless, off campus services or any other services
  • Username is : initial + surname + last 3 digits from student id number
  • Password’s expire every 90 days and you can never use the same password again
  • Password’s must be a minimum of eight digits and must be complex (contain upper and lower case plus either digits or symbols) see here 
  • You must register to use the self-service Password Reset System (PRS) before you can use it (see PRS - How to Enrol document
  • Replacement ID cards cost £10, but are free if you need a replacement due to damage or if broken - see online store
  • Wireless networks – SSID 'RBC-INTERNET' for just internet access (use your college username/password when prompted) on your personal device, see here
  • Maximum network login storage space for files/documents is 1000MB and 25GB on your personal college OneDrive
  • Maximum storage for email is 50GB (Office 365)
  • Our domain name is : ROSEBRUFORD
  • USB memory stick/keys are a great way to store and transport documents and work
  • To contact the College’s IT team, email : (only from your college email account) or ext. 1717
  • Passwords can be reset in person at the IT helpdesk outside the LRC
  • You will need to set a PIN number for you can print/copy – see here


Download a PDF version of this document here