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If you have a Shared with Everyone folder that was provisioned for you, everyone gets permission to edit documents that you put in the Shared with Everyone folder, unless you change the permission setting or unless your OneDrive for Business was created before June 2014. If your OneDrive for Business was created before that date, the Shared with Everyone folder started with View-only permissions. You can change the permission setting any time by following the instructions for sharing a folder earlier in this article.

How do people find documents I’ve shared with everyone?

Documents you share with everyone don’t appear in their Shared with Me view in OneDrive for Business. Why not? Consider that there might be hundreds if not thousands of documents that are shared with everyone. Also, you may not want to send a share invitation email to everyone in the college.


In this example, Molly Dempsey searches on the keyword “Court Cases” to find any relevant documents shared with her in the college.


How do I see who I'm sharing a document with?

  1. Select the More menu (...) next to the document you’re interested in to open its hover card.