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Students may be required to produce show programmes that are A5 in size on folded A4 paper - known as a booklet

All college computers have Microsoft Office Publisher installed on them which is the best application to create a booklet on

To help with this you need to start with the correct blank Publisher 2013 template (see attached) which will print correctly using the colleges multifunction printers

Add your own text, images and colour to each page then just print using the following printer settings:

If you do not change the printer settings as shown below, pages may be printed upside down

Click on the 'Printer Properties' button on the print page

Then select the 'Layout' (1) tab at the top and change the 'Booklet' option (2) to 'Standard' as shown below

If wanting A5 booklet/programme select 'Output Size' option (3) to A4 and if A4 booklet select A3 (this will scale your original page size to match)

If you have multiple pages and wish staple them, then on the 'finishing' tab change the 'Staple' option to 'Saddle Stich' (if the printer supports saddle stich)

Alternatively you can create your own from scratch but you made need to take into account how our printers handle duplex printing (page rotation)