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The college uses Microsoft Lync 2013 as a social communication platform and all staff and students are part of this service

Your login details are your college email address and if accessing from a non-college computer your college SSO password

To locate other staff and students just type their name in the 'Find someone' box

If Skype users sign in to Skype with a Microsoft account (MSA (external link)) (previously called Windows Live ID), they may use Skype to communicate with their non-Skype contacts who are using Lync (and vice-versa).

NOTE: Be sure to link your Skype account to an MSA. (external link) A Skype account that is not linked to an MSA will not be able to communicate with Lync users.

Since May 2015 Lync has been rebranded by Microsoft to 'Skype for Business' and now includes access to the full Skype address book, just type the external persons Skype email address or Skype name into the 'find someone' box and then click on the 'Skype Directory' tab, you can then double click on the person to open a chat session

(if nothing is found then the email address is not the correct one the contact has registered with Skype)

Please note that current limitations of Lync to Skype connectivity limit video calls to the Skype desktop application (Windows and MAC) only.  The Skype APP's (Apple IOS and Google Android) currently are limited to chat and voice only

You can find out if your Skype and Microsoft accounts are already linked by checking (external link):

Learn more about using Microsoft accounts with Skype. (external link)

To set up a Skype account, visit (external link)

As a Lync user, how do I add a Skype contact?

This section has been superseded by the rebranding of Lync to 'Skype for Business' which has building in access to the Skype directory

You can also use this platform to communicate with external contacts, if the external contact has a Microsoft email (,, @ etc.) then click on the + sign indicated below (1)

The select 'Add a contact Not in My Organistation' then 'Skype' as shown below

Then enter the Microsoft email address of the Skype contact and click on OK

In the IM Address field, enter the Microsoft account (MSA) of the Skype user you wish to add.

NOTE: Be sure to use their Microsoft account (MSA) address, not their Skype ID.

If the Skype account is not associated with a Microsoft email yet, they will need to merge their Skype username with a Microsoft account - details here

As a Skype user, how do I add a Lync contact?

Sign in to Skype.  (external link)

NOTE: You must sign in using Skype's Microsoft account sign-in page with your MSA account.

Skype Microsoft account sign-in screen with user email and password filled in  

Select the Add Contacts icon.  

Enter the Lync sign-in address of the Lync user you wish to add (usually their UPN). For example, 

When Skype finds the match in the search results, look for the word "Lync" below the Lync user’s name. If "Lync" is present, this indicates that Skype has located the Lync user's address. Click their name.


In the top right corner of the window, click Add to Contacts.  

The new contact is now added to your contact list; however, you will see a question mark instead of their status icon until they accept your request. When your new contact accepts your request, you will be able to see when they are online, when they initiate IM conversations, and when they make audio calls.