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  1. PRS - How to Reset

    Before you can use the College’s selfservice Password Reset facility you must have enrolled with the service. Please refer to the ‘PRS How to Enrol' document 20150629084508.jpg Note: You can use this service either on or off campus via any device connected to the internet You do not need to have enrolled if you just
    IT Services09 Jan, 2018
  2. PRS - How to Change

    Changing your college password This assumes you know your previous/existing password if not the you need to use the 'reset' service detailed here password reset service how to change.pdf kbhowtoarticle password
    IT Services09 Jan, 2018
  3. Using TextHelp Read & Write Software

    What is TextHelp Read & Write? Software designed to provide help to computer users with reading and writing It can read text aloud, helps to construct words and sentences. A TextHelp customisable toolbar sits at the top of the screen or 'floats' on top of documents, such as Microsoft® Word, Apple Pages®, Google DocsTM,
    IT Services22 Aug, 2017
  4. Using Inspiration Software

    What is Inspiration 9.0? Visual learning software Allows visualisation of ideas, concepts and relationships using graphics and symbols Improves writing proficiency Assists in the planning and organisation of projects, revision and dissertations Visual Learning A method where ideas, concepts, and data are associated wit
    IT Services22 Aug, 2017
  5. Using ZoomText Magnification software

    What is ZoomText? A computer access solution for the visuallyimpaired Screen magnification and reading Software that allows you to see and hear everything on the computer screen. Complete access to documents, email and the Internet Starting ZoomText When ZoomText starts up, it changes your display to show a magnified v
    IT Services22 Aug, 2017
  6. Print single sided

    The college automatically sets all printing to default to duplex mode (double sided) to reduce paper usage as part of the colleges commitment to 'Green Campus' Sometimes you might be required to print in simplex mode (single sided) and this can be altered from within the printer properties when printing Please note thi
    IT Services09 Sep, 2017
  7. O365 External Sharing

    in an Office 365 Group as a guest user All site users can share a document and generate a view or edit link for external sharing How you can share The same … to a site or a Group Anonymous guest links can be shared to other people who might be able to view or edit the content. Changes cannot be tracked in the document How
    IT Services23 Jan, 2018
  8. Printing in colour

    By default all printing on campus is set print in 'black and white' due to cost and environmental reasons Sometimes a user may need/require to print a document in colour All multifunction copier/printers on campus are full colour capable using the 'FindMe' print queue To print in colour you will need to change the prin
    IT Services09 Sep, 2017
  9. Scanning using a Sharp copier/printer

    All the Sharp copier/printers on campus can be used for scanning documents by staff and students To scan a document, touch your ID card and enter your PIN when prompted on the touch screen login.jpg pin3.jpg Now select the SCAN button on the screen home1.jpg Then press the 'Scan to college email' button on the touch sc
    IT Services09 Sep, 2017
  10. How To stop/delete a print job on a Sharp copier

    If you need to delete or stop a print job on a Sharp copier that you have already released you need to click on the 'JOB STATUS' button in the top right hand corner or the touch panel (as shown below) job1.jpg Highlight the job you want to delete if there are multiple listed, then touch the popout button shown below jo
    IT Services09 Sep, 2017