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  1. Dream login

    When logging into Dream you need to ensure that you tick the box 'use windows authentication' image201932582321.png And make sure the database box says 'live' If you recieve error 617 'sorry unable to connect to database...' the box is not ticked or you do not have permission to login to Dream image201932582532.png If
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  2. LinkedIn Learning problems

    I have an error message. There are various reasons why you may encounter an error, error message or blank page (especially when trying to login for the first time or on a new device). Consider the following: Have you activated your account using a laptop or desktop computer? Activations using mobile devices do not alwa
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  3. LinkedIn Learning recommended content (Course) This course shows how to authentically and powerfully present your brand online. Branding expert Karen Leland reveals the important differences between the four main social media sites—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest—and how to use them for career advancement
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  4. LinkedIn Learning quick tips

    Saving / bookmarking content Found a course or video that you want to take a look at later? Simply save/bookmark that resource and it will be saved into your Saved folder. Click to Save Tick shows resource as Saved
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  5. LinkedIn Learning certificates

    Certificates For every course you complete, Linkedin Learning issues a certificate of completion. You can save these as PDF, print them, add them to a portfolio or add them to your profile. View / access your c
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  6. Access to LinkedIn Learning

    All staff and students with college login accounts (ending with are elligible to free access to the full LinkedIn Learning catalogue The link is (also located on the colleges portal page) If accessing the link off campus or using a personal device
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  7. LinkedIn Learning mobile apps

    The LinkedIn Learning app is free to download. With your college login, you can watch full courses across learning, technology, creative and business topics Linkedin Learning Apps: iOS Android / ChromeOS
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  8. MyAthens login

    To access a college online resource that are protected via Athens authentication How to login to an Athens resource using your college username/password Eduserv OpenAthens current service health Introduction The College provides access to Athens protected resources
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  9. Expired/changing passwords at login when off-campus

    When using a college password that has expired or needs changing offcampus you will automatically be prompted during the login process to the college service you are trying to access or you can use SSPR At the start of the normal login process after you click on the link from the portal page, you enter your college UPN
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  10. Microsoft Steam - video sharing

    The best way to share video content to other college users (staff and students) is to uploaded it to the Stream service All staff and students have access to this service both on and off campus but no one outside of the college can access any content upl
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