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These instructions explain how to connect Mac OS 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 (Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks) to the eduroam wireless network. If you are using an older version of Mac OS X (e.g. Panther, Tiger, Leopard or Snow leopard), you need to use a different set of instructions.

Step-by-step guide

The next step is to download and open a wireless configuration “Profile”. After you open the profile file, you need to follow the steps below – you might want to read through them before actually opening the profile.
Click here to load the wireless settings profile. In Safari it should open directly. In other browsers you might have to save it, then double click on the saved file to open it.

Click Continue when asked: Install eduroam wireless service?

Click Continue when asked if you really want to install the profile.

When asked to enter personalised settings for the Wi-Fi network “eduroam”, enter your college username and password in the appropriate boxes.

Enter the password for your Mac computer when prompted Configuration tool would like to make changes.

The eduroam wireless profile should now be listed in the Profiles window, which you can close.

Now choose eduroam from the list of available Wi-Fi signals (in the Wi-Fi menu, top right of the screen).