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The college offers a range of wireless connectivity options across the campus for connecting personal devices to the internet, for both staff, students, visitors from other institutions and members of the public

All wireless services have no SLA and are provided on an 'as-is-basis' with no guarantees of functionality or availability

The following SSID's are broadcast on the Lamorbey Campus site

  • RBC-INTERNET - for staff and students BYOD (webauth)

  • RBC-Provisioning - for staff and students BYOD (90 day secure TLS)
  • RBC-SMART - for college owned Smart boards and tablets
  • RBC-WiFi-HELP - details of wireless services at RBC
  • RBC-Public - for members of the public

  • eduroam - for visitors with accounts at other national, European and international participating educational institutions

 For further details about each, click on the above SSID names


Coverage across the Lamorbey Campus - as of 2023

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