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The WebPrint iPad / iPhone Print Release app (iOS)

The WebPrint Release App for iPad / iPhone can be used to access college WebPrint managed printer/copiers as it provides authentication (linking up students or staff with their print jobs)

This app will allow you to release any pending print jobs you have sent to the FindMe print queue without the need to swipe your ID card and enter a your PIN on the printer/copier


To install the release app, enter the following URL into the web browser on your IOS device

This will prompt you to install a profile

Click on Install

Enter your device PIN number (if prompted)

This will then install an icon on your home screen

Opening this app will then prompt you to login, using your college username/password

You will then see all the printer/copiers listed on the Lamorbey campus site

Find and select the printer you are standing at (see here for a location map) and select it or san the QR code on the printer/copier (if present)

Make sure you know the name of the printer/copier you want to use, as you will not need to swipe or enter your PIN on the printer/copier and you your job will print immediately and you will be charged accordingly The college will not refund any print costs that were released in error to the wrong printer/copier using this method


You will then see any jobs you have sent to the FindMe print queue that are waiting to be released  Select the job(s) you want to print and click on the 'Release' button

You job will now immediately print, assuming you have enough credit in your account