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You can print suitable documents from your own personal computer/device (as long as it is connected to the internet) to any college multifunction copier/printer using your college account and as long as you have enough credit.   

This is an upload service, so the document you want to print needs to be saved and located on the device/computer you are using in a suitable format

Current supported file formats suitable for this service are:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint (2007, 2010 and 2013 versions)
  • XPS
  • Picture Files - bmp, dib, gif, jfif, jif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, png, tif, tiff

If have an iOS device you can download an app to manage your printing, see here for more details

After logging into your WebPrint account at (see here) you select the Web Print menu item and click on the 'Submit a Job' link

Then choose if you want to print in colour or black and white by select the correct printer in the displayed list (cost are shown here) then click on the button 'Print Options and Account Selection' 

Please note that both printers are in duplex mode (double sided) which cannot be changed using this facility, which is inline with the colleges environmental impact policy

If you want to print in simplex mode (single sided) please print using a college computer and change the print properties to single sided


Choose the number of copies you need and click on the 'Upload Documents' button

Before you browse to select or 'drag and drop' your document from your local computer, please ensure that the file you want to print is in one of the highlighted formats shown on the screen. If you are unsure we would recommend making sure your file is converted to PDF format if it does not match any of the other formats listed.  Then click on 'Upload and Complete' once you have selected your file using the 'Browse' button


You will then get confirmation if you file was submitted successfully and it will go through 3 stages - submitting, rendering and held in queue, which may happen quickly or take a few minutes depending on the file size and how busy our print servers are

Once you job(s) are showing 'Held in a Queue' you can go to any copier/printer on campus, swipe you ID card, enter your PIN number and then select the job to print

You have 2 hours to release your print job(s) from the queue at a printer/copier before they are automatically deleted

If you do not release a print job before the timeout you will receive a notification email letting you know which job has been deleted and is no longer available for printing