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The college has a number of teaching spaces that are equipped with interactive smart boards:

  • C118
  • L004a
  • L111
  • L117b
  • L114 

These rooms can be booked via the college Timetable Officer and are maintained by the colleges technician team 

These smart boards have a laptop connected to them (using VGA) which has access to the internet via the colleges wireless network RBC-SMART

These laptops have the following software pre-installed:

  • Smart Notebook software 
  • Office 2013 applications
  • IE 11
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Windows 7 or 8

Other software can be installed on these laptops by users but please note that the software will automatically be removed when the laptop is restarted - including any documents saved on the laptop

Each smart board also has a DVD player connect via HDMI and AV speakers (with a separate volume control) which are connected via USB to the laptop or HDMI on the DVD player

Users own laptop or tablet can be connected using the VGA or HDMI connectors, but there will be no interactivity (touch control or pen writing) unless the USB cables are also connected and you have installed the correct drivers/software so your laptop/tablet understands it has smart board connected

Please make sure you switch off the smart board (including the projector) when you have finished