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This service is a secure cloud based file transfer solution for transferring large files with others outside of the college both inbound and outbound

If you have been granted access to use this service as an employee (if you are unsure please contact the IT helpdesk) your login details will be your college SSO UPN and password

If you do not have a login account, external users can still send you large files using the public service detailed here

To access the service you go to the following login link and click on the 'Sign In with Company Credentials'

If you use the above link on a college computer that you are already logged into, then you will be automatically logged into your ShareFile account using this SSO account

If you use the link on an external computer/device you will be taken to the colleges ADFS login page in which you enter your college username (in UPN format) and password

Once logged in, further details about how to use and navigate this service can be found by clicking on the 'Help' link shown below and entering your question in the search box


If you need further information about this service or how to use it, please contact the IT helpdesk or use the links below for common tasks: