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The college publishes the QLx (Agresso Students) application via two services - Citrix XenApp and Microsoft RDWeb

This document shows the steps involved in using RDWeb and assumes you have permission to access this QLx

You access RDWeb via Internet Explorer by going to the following URL :

The service is currently only available on campus

This will take you to a forms based login page as shown below


You now enter your college SSO username/password in the indicated boxes and click on Sign In

You will now see the applications available and if you have permission you should see the QLx application icon, as shown below

Click on the QLx icon

A RemoteApp starting box will appear, as shown below

You may be asked if it is OK to connect on the computer you are using, if so just click on Connect if the box is the same as below

This will return you to the RemoteApp box

And after a few seconds the QLx environment select box will appear

Select the environment you want and click on the Connect button and you will be SSO into the QLx application

Use of the QLx application is beyond the scope of this document

To end your session just close the QLx application