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The college uses 'Skype for Business' service for online collaborative meetings and all staff and registered students have access to this service using their college SSO login details

Skype for Business - User Guide download here

The 'Skype for Business' application is installed on all college computers and users will be automatically logged into the service when starting the application using their college desktop login details

To use 'Skype for Business' on personal devices, you can download the app from the Apple or Android store (remember 'Skype for Business' not 'Skype') or if using Windows desktop then it comes as part of Office 2016 - details for Staff and full time Students

Apple Mac OSX users should download 'Lync' until Microsoft release a new version for OSX

Apple MAC OSX users can download the application here -

The login details are you college SSO username (UPN) and password - please note the username needs to be in UPN format which is your username with '' appended after it (

For details about this service:

How to guide on Signing in and out:

How to guide on using for meetings and IM: