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When you login into a college computer Skype for Business should automatically start and login using your desktop login details as part of SSO

 If this does not happen just select 'Skype for Business' from the Start Menu on the computer

If you get prompted for additional login details after Skype has started then something has gone wrong

An example of this might look like

To fix this you need to delete the cached login credentials store within Skype

First click on the 'Cancel' button as trying to login via this prompt will not work even if you provide the correct credentials

This will take you to the 'Sign in' screen

Then click on the 'Delete my sign-in info' link and then on the confirmation 'Yes' button

Then click on the 'gear' icon and select 'File' then 'Exit'

Now restart 'Skype for Business' from your start menu and you should be automatically logged in correctly

 If you still get prompted, repeat the above steps but also close Outlook BEFORE you restart 'Skype for Business'