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How to login to a college computer and set your first password

As part of your college IT pack, you will have been given your college computer login details

These consist of your UPN/username and a temporary one time use password - that you must use on a college computer to change the password to something only you know

When you use this UPN/password for the first time you will be prompted to change it as follows

You must complete this process before you can use your login details on any external services/systems or Wi-Fi

On a college computer, press the crtl-alt-del keys together

Then click OK after reading the ‘Notice to Users’

Then enter your UPN shown on your form along with the temporary password in the boxes and click on the arrow button on the right of the password box

If you entered your details correctly you will get a message saying ‘that your password must be changed before signing in’ – click OK

If you get an error message stating the username or password is incorrect, try again and remember that passwords are case sensitive

If you are still having trouble, please visit the IT helpdesk for further assistance

You now need to choose your own password that MUST meet the colleges password complexity requirements as follows

Enter your new password twice into the relevant boxes

If your new password is not accepted you will get a message as follows, just click OK and try again with a different password - first checking it meets the complexity requirements above

If your new password is accepted you will get the following confirmations

Then click OK

And then click the ‘Sign in’ button

You will then see the Welcome message with your name displayed

A security message will be displayed showing your last login details, click on OK

You will then see your personal college desktop that only you have access to and will follow you to every college computer you use whilst studying at the college

When you have finished, to log off just click on the start button (1) then the Profile button (2) and select Sign Out (3)

The computer will then display...