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Setting and changing your WebPrint PIN

How to set and change your PIN number to use the college’s copier/printers


Before you can use the college’s WebPrint service on the copier/printers you need to set your 4 digit PIN number, which you will be prompted for after swiping your ID card at any of the copier/printers

To do this you log into a college computer, start Internet Explorer and then click on the ‘WebPrint Service’ shown on either of the intranet homepages below (left one is student and right one is staff):


You can also access this link externally via the Portal page link ( on the external website homepage (staff and students)

Or by use the 'WebPrint Login' link on the WebPrint client application (if using a college computer - both staff and student) that appears in the top right hand corner of the computer you are using when logging in

This will then show the WebPrint login page and you enter your current valid college SSO username/password in the boxes:

Once logged into the WebPrint Service, click on the left hand menu link ‘Change details’ as shown below:


Enter your chosen 4 digit PIN into the boxes and click on ‘Change PIN’



You PIN number has now been set/changed and you can immediately use this to access the copiers after swiping your ID card

Download the pdf version here