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The college Sharp multi function devices (MFU) now have the ability to scan documents directly to your college OneDrive as well as to your college email account

This has the advantage of creating bigger scan files as it bypasses the email size restrictions

To scan to you OneDrive just select the action 'O365 OneDrive Scan' from the scanning options on the Sharp MFU (copier/printer) and follow/select the options shown on the screen

The first time you use the scan to OneDrive feature you will receive an authorisation request via your college email that looks like:

This is a onetime process that must be completed to authorise the WebPrint services access to your college OneDrive, so click on the link 'Logon to OneDrive for Business'

If using a college computer it will detect you existing login details and ask you to confirm the request

If you are not using a college computer then you will be prompted to login using your college UPN and password first and then confirm the request

Click on 'Accept' and you should then see a confirmation page

The process is now done and you scan has been delivered to you college OneDrive in a folder called 'Apps/Scans for PaperCut MF' along with an email to you college account confirming this