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If you have been sent a Dropbox link via email, you will need to download the file(s) to you desktop before you can open them

Click on the 'View' link provided which will take you to a login page:

Then click on the 'No, thanks. Continue to view...' link as highlighted above

This will then show you the file(s)

Then click on the upside down triangle next to the download button and select 'Direct download' as highlighted above

A box will appear at the bottom of the web page

Again click on the upside down triangle next to the save button and select 'Save as...' as shown below:

Then navigate to your desktop on left hand side and click on Save

You can now close the web browser and go to your desktop to click and open the downloaded file(s)

TIP: if there are a lot of files it might be easier to create a folder first on your desktop and then save each file into this folder, so you can find all the save files in one place