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If you experience functionality problems accessing a website you have previously been able to access (like O365 shared areas) this maybe due to corruption within your browsers cache

This can be cleared by following the steps below - if the first option does not work try the second or third options below:

Option 1

Within IE click on the 'gear' icon in the top right corner then 'Safety' then 'Delete browsing history...'


Then ensure the following tick boxes are ticked and then click on 'Delete'

Now close ALL IE sessions you have open and try again

Option 2 : If the problem still persists please try resting IE - as follows:

Make sure all sessions/open windows or IE are closed and confirm in task manager that there are no iexplorer.exe processes running

Then start IE and click on the 'gear icon' in the top right hand corner then select 'Internet options'

Then on the 'Advanced' tab click on the 'Reset...' button

Then make sure the 'Delete personnel settings' box is ticked then click on the 'Reset' button

Now close IE and log off user

Log back into the computer and try to access the O365 shared area again

Option 3

If neither of the above fix the problem, the following folder 'Protect' needs to be deleted from the users security profile

Get the user to log off the computer, then delete the 'Protect' folder in the location of the profile as shown below:

Then get the user to log back in again and check that each Office application is automatically logged into the O365 shared areas

If the problem still persists, please contact the helpdesk