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The college uses a single print queue called 'FindMe' that enables all staff and students to collect their printing from any of the multi function copier/printers across campus (see here for locations)

Once you have printed/sent your printing to the 'FindMe' print queue you locate your chosen multi function copier/printer

The screen will be asking you to touch your college ID card

Then enter your PIN (using the keypad) when prompted - if you do not know your PIN click here for details of how to reset or set a PIN

You will now see the WebPrint Login showing Pending jobs

Click on the 'Print release' button or 'Print All'

The click on the 'Print' button to release the print job (you will be charged at this point) and repeat if you have multiple print jobs listed

Once you have finished press the 'Log Out' button on the copier/printer key pad to log out