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The college has partnered with BSkyB to offer the public hotspot Wi-Fi known as 'The Cloud'

This service is intended for all visitors to the college that do not have a college username/password and is a subscription only service. To use this service you just connect to the SSID 'The Cloud' and then login using an existing Cloud or BSkyB account or create a new account (not a college username/password)

If you do not already have eligible subscription, you get 60 minutes free (from first connection) per day and additional access vouchers can be purchased online via their portal or website (current PAYG rate £3 per day)

Whilst this service is not intended for staff or students at RBC, you are permitted to use this service but please do not use your college username/password when trying to login to their portal

Connection details on options are explained here


Please note that any problems, queries or questions need to be direct to The Cloud networks support ( not to us, as we have no control over features, functionality or charges incurred

Any problems or complaints with any aspect of this service should be directed to -


As this is a public commercial solution, it is subject to all the current UK government controls over content access and restrictions, full terms here