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Send your printing as normal from your college desktop login to the FindME print queue

Using this method to release printing is at the users own risk and no refunds will be made if mistakes are made using this method

Were possible all staff and student should use their ID card at the MFD printer to release their printing

Login into your WebPrint account by either clicking on the WebPrint Login box on your desktop (shown below)

Or by going to the following link (this link is also on the portal page)

1.Then login using your college SSO username/password

2.Then go to the Jobs Pending Release section listed on the left hand side and then select the 'print' link on each print job you wish to release

3. You will then be presented with a list of printers on campus along with the status of the printer

Please be sure you know and select the correct printer from the list as your printing will print immediately you click on the printer name.  Some of the listed printers may be in personal offices and so have restricted access

Your account will be charged immediately you click on the print link and if you are a student you will need to have enough credit on your account before the print job will be released


4. Once your click on a printer you will immediately be taken back to the previous screen showing your selection and confirming that the job is printing

5. Once you printing has completed the job will disappear from the list

You now need to go to the printer and collect your printing, which will have already printed unless the printer is needing attention - needs paper or toner etc.