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Sometimes when logging onto a computer the FindMe printer does not attach correctly to the computer despite being listed as the default printer

This then causes a problem when trying to print from an application like Adobe or Word etc. as the job seems to print normally, but nothing appears in the printer queue when you go to collect it

The quick fix for this is to delete the FindMe printer device on the computer and manually re-add it back, using the steps below

Go to Windows Settings by clicking on the start button (1) then the settings/gear icon (2)

Then select Devices

Then printers and scanners (1), then select the FindMe printer (2) and click on the remove button (3)

You should then just have 2 printers listed - 'Microsoft Print to PDF' and 'Send to Onenote'

Then click on the plus button Add a printer or scanner (1)

It may take a few moments to build the list, but you should see the FindMe on Montague appear, select then click on Add device button (1)

If you get an error when try to add the printer, just try again

The printer will now reinstall itself on your computer and when completed it will be listed again in the Printers and Scanners section

Now close the settings window and the applications you are trying to print from (very important step) and then re-launch the application to print the document again, which will now appear correctly in the printer queue