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If you release a print job on a multi function copier/printer and the printing does not appear it will be because the printer is needing paper or a specific type of paper

To check this click on the copy button beside the touch display

Then click on the blinking 'JOB STATUS' button in the bottom right hand corner of the touch display

Then click on the supply tab if it does not display automatically

Which will display the following screen

Take a note of the paper type displayed at the top (2) then select bypass (1) and select the corresponding paper type on the touch screen (1)

The example above shows THICK3 being selected, then click on OK (2)

Place the paper in the bypass tray on the right hand side of the copier/printer

Then click on the green Start button on the panel

Your printing should now start to prnt

To get back to the print release menu, click on the MENU button (1)

Then click on the EXTENSION button (1) on the touch screen in the top right hand corner

This will then take you back to the print release screen