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All college SSO (single-sign-on) account passwords have the following criteria:

  • Passwords expire every 90 days for staff and less frequently for students
  • Password must be complex - see below
  • You can never use the same password again after it has expired (unless you are a student)
  • Your password must not exist on a known password hack list
  • You will be notified at 14, 7 and 2 days before your password expires via your college email account, using the exact format/template below


Passwords can be changed using the following methods:

  • using college computers - during login if already expired
  • off-campus during the login process - if already expired (Expired/changing passwords at login when off-campus)
  • by pressing ctl+alt+del on a college computer - if already logged in, and selecting change password button
  • in person at the IT helpdesk (you will need your student/staff ID card)
  • via telephone at the IT helpdesk (you will need your student/staff ID number)
  • via the 'Change Password' link using the self service Password Reset (SSPR) 


The college will never ask you for your password or send you a direct link to reset your password via any electronic medium - email, SMS, Twitter etc without you requesting it first

What is a complex Password?

  • These must be at least 8 character/digits long
  • Not contain any part of your name
  • Not be a known/common password
  • Contain at least 3 of the following 4:
  1. Upper case characters
  2. Lower case characters
  3. Numbers
  4. Symbols

Password Reset (SSPR)

Before you can use this service you must register using the Register feature. This is not something we can do for you

We recommend that all staff and students enrol in this service as soon as they get their college account details

Details on how to use the service once registered can be found here