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Before you can use the College’s self-service Password Reset facility you must have enrolled with the service.  Please refer to the ‘PRS - How to Enrol' document

Note: You can use this service either on or off campus via any device connected to the internet

You do not need to have enrolled if you just want to change your existing password and you know your existing/old password - use the 'Change Password' link 



If you do not know your existing password then you will have to have enrolled to use the 'Reset Password' link

To use this service on-campus, go to any College computer that is not currently logged in and press the Control-Alt-Delete keys, click on ‘OK’ at the ’Notice to Users’ box, and the normal login box is displayed.  Then click on the button below the username/password boxes called ‘Reset Password’

Which will then display the Reset box below

To use this service off-campus, go to the College’s external website and then click on the ‘Portal Login’ link, and then click on the ‘Password Reset Service’ link


Either of the above options will take you through the same process as follows 

If you know your password and need to change just click on the 'Change Password' button, enter your username then old password and choose a new password - making sure it complies with the colleges password policy

Step 1 - RESET - If you do not know your password

There are four options available to you as shown below


The most common option is the second ‘Reset’, but using any of these three options will use the same process

Enter your username or UPN in the box:


You will then be asked the three questions you chose and you MUST enter the exact same answers you provided during the enrolment process (remember the answers are case sensitive)

Click on ‘Next’ after you have entered your answer to each of the questions


If you provide the wrong answer for a question you will get the following message


You have three attempts to answer each question, if on the third attempt you get it wrong again you will be denied access to the service as shown below.


If you lock your PRS account, you will need to re-enrol again once your domain password is valid again.  Until then you will not be able to use the Password Reset Service (PRS)

If you successfully answer your three enrolment questions you can then choose a new password that must meet the College’s password policy, if it does not you will get prompted to try again


If the password reset/change is successful you will get the ‘Finished’ message as shown below


Click on ‘OK’ to completed the process


You can download a PDF version of this workflow here