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Self-service Password Reset facility

Before you can use the College’s self-service Password Reset facility you must enrol with the service

This document takes you through the steps involved in this process

Step 1

Go to the College’s external website and click on the portal link, then click on the ‘Password Reset Service’ link

Step 2

Click on this link, as indicated, the following box will open

Step 3

You now need to click on the ‘Enrol’ link at the top, and this will start the enrolment process

Enter your username, current working password and college email address (not your personal email address) in the boxes at the top as shown below


Now choose three questions from the drop down lists given and in each ‘Answer’ box type in your answer to this question. You can be as truthful or creative as you wish with your answers, but you need to be able to remember each answer when you start to use the service as it will ask you the three questions you have chosen. Please note that your answers are case sensitive and must match exactly, so try and keep it simple.

When you have chosen three questions and completed the ‘Answer’ boxes, click on ‘Next’.

Step 4

If your enrolment was successful you will get the following Finished message and then click on ‘OK’

If you forget any of your answers in the future or your PRS account gets locked out, you can just re-enrol again to reactivate - as long as your College password is valid




A downloadable PDF version is available here