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Sept 2020

Changes to Teams meeting recordings - saved to OneDrive and SharePoint instead of Stream

Changes to meeting recordings - saved to OneDrive and SharePoint instead of Stream. - Microsoft Tech Community

This change will be implemented college wide in Jan 2021

Aug 2020

Changes to Teams meeting recordings for EDU A1

“Recording failed to upload to Stream” error - Changes to Teams meeting recordings for EDU A1 & “Recording failed to upload to Stream” error - Microsoft Tech Community

July 2019

Eduroam certificate

During July 2019 the security certificate used as part of connecting to eduroam service whilst visiting othe institutions will be replaced and we recommend re-running the CAT configurator tool again to reprovision your devices 

Feb 2019

Phishing SPAM email circulating

ON 1 Feb 2019 a number of reports we logged reporting a phishing email circulating in staff and student college mailboxes - FAQ: Phishing SPAM email

This was mitigated and a number of preventative measures are currently inplace to limit any further spread
Sept 2018

Self-service Password Reset solution replacement

During the following months the college will be replacing the current PRS solution with a more modern Azure solution called SSPR

 Sept 2018

Anti-Virus solution for college computers being replaced with a new product

This is a managed phased deployment that will be transparent to users except for a slightly longer login during initial deployment

April 2017

Microsoft releases 'Skype for Business' for Apple OSX

Download the free version of 'Skype for Business' here -

Details on how to use here

 July 2016

Upgrade of Athens authentication services to SAML2.0

We will be upgrading the authentication service used to access Athens protected resources from OpenAthens LA to ADFS

This brings this service in line with the colleges SSO policy and provides a more consistent experience for users

 Dec 2015

Depreciation of obsolete and weak SSL protocols/paramters

We are removing the following SSL standards from all college services this month following the removal of RC4 earlier this year:

  • SSLv1, SSLv2, SSLv3 and TLSv1.1 - TLSv1.2 will only be supported
  • Diffie-Hellman (DH) weak key exchange - 2048 bits will only be supported

 This will effect all external and on campus web based services and will mean that older web browsers and older OS's will no longer be supported

23 Nov 2015

Wireless support for new Apple Wi-Fi standards -

Upgrades to the colleges Meru campus wireless infrastructure have bought improved support for all Apple devices and systems as detailed in the above document

20 May 2015

Skype for Business - the rollout of the new interface for the Lync service application on college desktop computers will start next week (w/c 25 May 2015)

This is being delivered as part of the normal out of hours windows update service and will be completed by the end of May 2015

More details :

20 March 2015

Depreciation of RC4 cipher on college public facing services

From week commencing 30 March 2015 we will be starting the process and all public facing services secured by SSL certificates will no longer support the RC4 cipher (details here

This will effect the following services:

  • WebPrint
  • Password Reset
  • Webmail2 (staff)
  • OWA Via ADFS (student)
  • O365 shared areas (ADFS authentication part)
  • Athens

If users experience problems accessing the above services after this time they will need to upgrade the web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome etc.) to the latest version

This work will be completed by 27 April 2015

3 March 2015Lync Online is becoming Skype for Business
Changes are coming to Lync Online in Office 365. Lync is joining the Skype family, so in the coming months, Lync will be changing to Skype for Business
More details :