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To access a college online resource that are protected via Athens authentication

How to login to an Athens resource using your college username/password

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The College provides access to Athens protected resources via an authentication system (ADFS) that uses the same username/password you use on campus or to access your college email – via OWA (also known as SSO – single sign on)

This is referred to as ADFS or OpenAthens LA and is accessed via the links within Athens


You already have a valid working college username and password - i.e. you can log into your college email OK


If you have been given a direct WAIF link to the resource you are trying to access, please go to step 7 below

 Athens resources, available to staff and students, are listed within your MyAthens website which is accessed via the following link –


And then clicking on the first link to ‘MyAthens’

2. This will then take you to the following website

3. In the box ‘Search' type rose bruford college and click on the 'Rose Bruford College' link that appears

4. Then click on the link ‘Rose Bruford College’, as shown above

By ticking the box ‘Remember this organisation on this computer’ means that next time you need to login via Athens, you will be taken directly to the page shown above in step 6


7. You will then be sent to the following ADFS login page

8. And now enter your college SSO username (with the '') and password



You might be prompted to confirm T&C – the first time you login via this method


Resources you have access to are listed in the middle section 'All Resources' or via the resources tab at the top


Sometimes direct links to specific resources maybe provided, that should take you directly to the resource home page via the ADFS Login page (shown in step 7)