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I have an error message.

There are various reasons why you may encounter an error, error message or blank page (especially when trying to login for the first time or on a new device). Consider the following:

  • Have you activated your account using a laptop or desktop computer? Activations using mobile devices do not always work.
  • Have you followed the correct link to get into your college Linkedin Learning account? The correct login link is this one: Linkedin Learning
  • Are you using the correct login details? This will be your college SSO network login.
  • Have you linked your account to your Linkedin Learning account? You will need to login with your RBC login AND then login with your login - these will be different login credentials.

If you are still having problems - contact the IT helpdesk and provide as much of the following details as possible:

  • The type of device you are using (Mobile, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.)
  • Operating system (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc.) - a version number is also useful
  • The web browser you are using (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)
  • The nature of the error you are seeing - is it a message or a blank screen or an image - a screenshot can also be helpful in idetifying and resolving issues 

I want to link my Learning account with my account.

You can do this when you first activate your account (see First time login and options above). You can also do this from your account area by going to the Me button in the top menu bar and selecting 

I want to disconnect my Learning account from my account.

If you are still with the college, we will need to remove your access to Linkedin Learning and then you can sign up again without connecting your account. All learning progress will be lost.

If you are no longer with the college, you will need to follow the instructions on this page: 

Can I use the Linkedin Learning app?

Yes. See the link - LinkedIn Learning mobile apps, to get the app for Android and Apple devices and to see the instruction for use. You must activate your account on a computer prior to logging into the app.

I want change the Job Role I declared when creating my account.

If you have linked your Learning account to your account - changing your current Job Role in will change your Role in Learning.

If you have NOT linked your Learning account -

1. Click on Me at the top of a Linkedin Learning page.

2. Click on Skills.

3. Select Add your title (near the top of the page) and enter your new preferred Job Title/Role in the window that opens.