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Due to the nature of this wireless service - it is an ad-hoc college service for personal devices with no SLA, there are no guarantees of service or performance

With over 300 users/devices connected to this service at any moment in time, certain limitations are applied to ensure fair usage - known as QOS (quality of service).

These include:

  • requiring all users to login (using their college SSO details) - which is a legal requirement
  • automatically signing out when a device is switched off/disconnects, but allowing web credentials to be cached for fast reconnect when switched back on
  • limiting each session to a maximum of 8 hours, which can be extended by logging in again
  • limiting the number of devices that a user can connect simultaneously, but allowing users to switch between devices at anytime
  • limiting the available bandwidth per device to 4Mbs* for normal http(s) web browsing protocols
  • heavily restricting the available bandwidth for P2P and updating protocols
  • restricting access to only known, safe and appropriate websites - web filtering
  • blocking all suspicious activity - AV, malicious and botnet activity

All the above are designed to ensure that each user has fair access to the internet from their own device without impacting on others

*At certain times during higher that normal usage there may be further QOS limitations/restrictions applied