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Rose Bruford College has a policy of permitting lawful access to any internet site, subject to the restrictions included in this Policy.

Conditions of access to the internet

It is a condition of the use of the colleges Information Technology (IT) facilities that a user accesses internet sites responsibly. To this end, the right of access to internet sites is subject to the requirement that the user makes such access in a manner that does not cause harm, either directly or indirectly, to the user, other users or the college.

Inappropriate use includes accessing, storing and disseminating material that is:

  • illegal, including sites inciting unlawful activity
  • obscene or deliberately offensive in nature
  • discriminatory on grounds of age, disability, faith or belief, gender, race or sexual orientation
  • likely to result in harassment or bullying of others

The ability to access any particular site is not warranty of its suitability.

The consequence of failing to act responsibly is that staff and students will be subject to the relevant disciplinary procedures

Accessing the Internet

Before logging on each time, users have to acknowledge a statement confirming they agree to the Regulations for the Acceptable Use of College Information Technology.

The college reserves the right to carry out general checks to ensure the appropriate use of IT facilities, including accessing internet sites, according to the college Regulations and within the law.

Any 'personalised monitoring' will only be undertaken where there is a reasonable suspicion that the college Regulations, or the law, are being broken, and subject to relevant legislation and college policy.

Access for students under the age of 18 years

Where the programme of study or the activity is provided specifically for participants who are under 18 years of age, the college reserves the right to restrict access to websites on grounds of the protection of minors. The restriction may be applied by limiting the location where the computers are accessed or the websites themselves, or through proactive monitoring and appropriate disciplinary action. Such a restriction does not apply to those students under 18 years of age on a programme where there is no age restriction for entry.

The Head of IT must be informed of any need to provide IT services to persons under the age of 18 years

Blocking of Sites

The college reserves the right to block specific internet sites in one of two ways:

  • The Academic Board may take a policy decision, acting on advice from the Head of IT.
  • The Head of IT (or nominee) may take a decision for technical reasons, principally to maintain the service and/or prevent damage to college systems. In such cases, there is a requirement to undertake an equality impact assessment. A user may make representation against such a decision in line with the college complaints procedure.

Monitoring and Review

The Policy is subject to periodic review. The college reserves the right to change the arrangements for access to internet sites following any such review.