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The aim of this policy is to establish the responsibilities for ensuring that the colleges IT facilities can be recovered in the event of a disaster, and that the business of the University can continue.

This policy relates only to IT, and should be read in conjunction with wider college continuity and recovery plans.


Business continuity (BC) details how an organisation or business area keeps its processes going during a disaster or system failure, either by use of alternative computer systems, paper or simply by not doing certain things.

Disaster recovery (DR) is the restoration of systems and infrastructure back to agreed service levels following a disaster. This may be temporary in the first instance, requiring full service restoration later.

Disaster Recovery

The Head of IT has overall responsibility for ensuring that there is a DR plan for all college IT facilities.

The development and testing of this plan is delegated to the Head of IT. It will form a DR Planning Group when they meet.

The Head of IT will publish a DR plan which can be used to manage the recovery of any IT facilities lost, damaged or otherwise rendered unusable due to any incident.

The plan will aim to allow recovery of any service within a period of 7 (seven) days.

The plan will not focus on any specific potential incident, but be general enough to cope with any possible disaster up to an agreed scale.

The Head of IT will test the plan via a managed scenario walkthrough once per year.

Business Continuity

The college will define and publish a corporate Business Continuity plan and procedure. IT Business Continuity plans must fit into this wider framework.

Every Head of Department is responsible for identifying their department’s critical business processes which rely on any IT facilities for the delivery of those processes.

Each Head must then put in place a documented BC plan identifying how these processes will be delivered in the event of IT facilities being unavailable.

The Director of Finance will document college-wide processes in the event of the failure of the Finance Management and Payroll system.

The Registrar will document college-wide processes in the event of the failure of the Student Record system.

The Director of Human Resources will document college-wide processes in the event of the failure of the Human Resources system.

All plans should be reviewed annually and tested at least every two years.