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The colleges IT services operate to the following standard service level agreement (SLA)

Normal Service

  • Mon-Fri 0830 to 1830

During the above 'normal service' time frame the college will endeavour to maintain all services as online and available, both on and off campus at 99.9% measured over any given working week as part of the normal service (500 hours)

The current/past incident log of trouble tickets (TT) can be viewed here

At risk periods

  • Mon-Fri 0700-0830 and 1830 to 1930
  • Sat 0900-1600

During the above 'at risk' periods services may be taken off line or disrupted, without prior notice, due to regular maintenance and updating

All other times, not mention above, may be subject to disruption and prior notification will be issued for any planned disruption

We will notify all users via an email trouble ticket (TT) should there be any unscheduled disruption to any IT service and/or via Twitter @rbcit

Following an unscheduled incident (TT) we will issue an update TT, via email to all affect users, which will contain the following details:

  • Issue details
  • Who does this affect
  • Resolution
  • Why did this occur
  • What we are doing to ensure this does not happen again

Details about the current state of college monitored services can be found here

Helpdesk Support

  • We aim to acknowledge all logged support calls within 24 working hours of initial request
  • All support calls will be handled according to the following:
    • Level 4 - information request/out of scope - best endeavour
    • Level 3 - within 3 working days (normal request/incident; effecting requester)
    • Level 2 - within 1 working day (urgent request/incident; effecting some users)
    • Level 1 - within 24 hours (major incident; effecting all users)