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Using Adobe Reader XI you can now save files opened/viewed by this Adobe application directly into any of the colleges O365 shared areas you have permission to access from any college computer you login to

The first time you you do this under your login you will need to know the shared area URL that you want to save the PDF to which can be found by access the shared area in your web browser

This will then show you the URL in the address bar and will start - and look like below

You need to also included the shared area name on the end, using the example above the fully URL is - (make a note of this for your shared area)

If saving to your college OneDrive, the URL is[username]_bruford_ac_uk where [username] is replaced with your college username without the - e.g.

Then open the PDF document in Adobe Reader and click on 'File' and 'Save as', the click on the 'Save to Online Account' link

Then click on 'New Account' from the drop down list

The select 'O365' and enter the URL you saved previously into the URL box and click on 'Continue'

You should then get a confirmation box asking you to confirm access - like shown below, just click on 'Yes'

You can then navigate to the folder within the O365 shared area that you want to save the PDF and set the PDF file name

At the top of this box there is an option to favourite/remember this site URL for future use - we recommend ticking the star box and then giving the URL a memoriable name and then click on 'Save'

You may then be prompted for additional document property fields - which are optional, then click on 'Continue'

Congratulations, your PDF will now be saved to the chosen O365 shared area folder

The next time you need to save a PDF to the same O365 shared area, when you click on 'File|Save as' you will see the previous online account you favourited which you just select from the drop down list

And you can then just choose the folder and file name and click on 'Save'