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Microsoft has rebranded Lync to 'Skype for Business' which has a new interface

The instructions contained below are still applicable

More details on using Skype for Business are here

On all college computers, as part of the Office 2013 application suite, the social communication tool Lync is installed and all staff and students are licensed to use this product

The first time you start the Lync 2013 application it will require you to enter a Sign-in address

In box 1 above you enter your college email address then click on the 'Sign In' button 2

It will then take a few minutes to complete the sign-in process and you will then see you are online

The next time you log into any college computer the Lync application will start and log you in automatically

You can then find any student or member of staff by typing their name in the 'Find someone' box

Once you have found the person you can then start your chat conversation, assuming they are online (indicated by the green bar next to their picture), and if you have a webcam connected to the computer you are using video and audio will also be available

You can also communicate with external Microsoft contacts (including Skype accounts) details here

You can also use Lync off campus by downloading the application 'Lync 2013' to your personal computer or by downloading the Lync app onto a phone/tablet.  The sign-in address will be the same but this time you will be prompted for a password (as you will not be already logged into the college systems) which will be your normal college SSO password