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The college applies email quotas to all staff email accounts which limits the size of your email account

If you need to keep older emails (rather than deleting them) then below are the steps to use the auto archive feature within Outlook 2016, which will automatically monitor folders you select from within your mailbox for items older than a specific date and automatically move them into your archive PST file

Step 1

First you need to create an archive PST file and attach it to your college email account (this step can be skipped if you already have an archive PST file - go to Step 2)

From within Outlook 2016 go to File, Account Settings (2) Account Settings (3)

Then click on Data files tab (1) then Add (2) then give the file a name (3) and click on OK (4)

You should then see you archive file listed as shown below then click on close

Step 2

From within Outlook 2016 goto File then Info (1) then Tools (2) then Clean Up Old Items (3)

Select the folder you wish to apply auto archive from the list (1) then select the older than date (2) then click on OK (3)

You can now go back to you email view in Outlook and you emails will be moved (this may take sometime depending on the volume and size of emails) which will reduce your mailbox size

If you have multiple folders in the root of your mailbox just repeat Step 2 for each of the folders