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All staff and students print to the single print queue called 'FindMe'

By default all print jobs will be printed black and white and duplexed

If you want to print in colour, simplex our using finishing, click on the 'Printer Properties' link from within the Print feature of the application

Which displays the following dialogue

Selecting colour is done by the drop down list at the bottom 'color mode' (2)

And changing to simplex (single sided) is done via the 'Layout' tab (1) and then selecting 'none' in the '2-sided Printing' box (2)

Then click on the 'OK' button and your printing will be sent to our central print server

You can now go to any copier/printer located on campus, swipe your ID card and enter your PIN (if you do not know your PIN see here) and then select you job(s) from the list to print if you have enough credit


You have 2 hours to release your print job(s) from the queue at a printer/copier before they are automatically deleted


If you do not release a print job before the timeout you will receive a notification email letting you know which job has been deleted and is no longer available for printing


If you need to add funds to your WebPrint account, please go to the Library front desk