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The college uses an internal social network platform called 'Yammer' which all staff and students are automatically part of

Yammer is a private social network that helps staff and students stay on top of it all. Yammer collaboration software allows you to get connected to the right people (both staff and students), share information across programmes/teams and organize around projects, shows and events, so you can go further – faster.

To access this service just go to

Use of this services is subject to agreeing to the following AUP terms of use

You enter your college SSO username and password if prompted but if accessing using a college computer the login will be automatic

The first time you access this service you will be prompted to complete your profile and agreed to our AUP

Complete your first name, last name and tick the box and click on Next

Then just click on Next

Select any existing group you want would like to be part of (this can be done at anytime) and/or then click on Next

Upload a profile photo or just click on skip

You will then be shown your home page with the colleges timeline

You can edit your profile at anytime by going to the 3 dots in the top right hand corner and selecting Edit Profile

And you can see you home page by clicking on your name in the top left hand corner

For further details on using Yammer please see here for contact the colleges IT helpdesk